Dear Brandberg Backyarders,

It is almost time! Hope you are well and tapering and getting ready for a lovely weekend of kuier and running! What we hear from those who are in the know is that there will be a lot of running and not any sleeping … We are ready!

Please remember to book your dinners before 23 July. No meals will be available for purchase on the weekend.

In this newsletter you will find important information relating to:

  • The weekend schedule and checklist
  • Race village layout and setup
  • Some extra FUN planned for race weekend involving dressing up …
  • Our event partners and the list of items that will be auctioned on race weekend (also how you can put in an early bid and get your friends and family to bid even if they are not attending the event);
  • Our event causes under our Be Wild: Rewild! campaign and a call for runners to bring along previously-loved (family-friendly) books for donating to local libraries.

This newsletter, as well as newsletter 1 (10 July) will also be available on the website under NEWS for quick reference. 

1. Weekend Schedule and Checklist

Please see the schedule for the weekend on the website HERE, and make sure of the items on the checklist. Registration and race village set up is on Friday. Runners bring their own gazebos, chairs, etc. The run starts at 10 am on 29 July, all categories. Ultra runners need to make sure to have reflective clothing and headlamps with sufficient batteries for night loops. These are required gear for all ultra runners and will be checked before the first night loop.

2. Race village setup

Please note:

  • The BBU crew will lay out and assign specific areas for runners’ gazebos, prioritising ultra runners closer to the starting corral, and then specifically ultra runners intending to be in it for the long haul.
  • All ultra runners are to provide and set up a station under a gazebo in this area, whether their own or sharing with a friend.
  • No tents will be allowed in the runners’ gazebo area, only open gazebos, and only in designated areas.
  • Portable braais are allowed in open, safe areas around the central race hub, but the availability of wood can’t be guaranteed so please bring wood along.

3. Dress-up Fun!

It was requested to introduce some costume dress-up fun at this year’s BBU! So what can we do but oblige …?

To spice up the challenge we will celebrate each of the event’s traditional running milestones by dressing up according to a selected theme. Are you in?! Andre Ross, our 2022 BBU champion is challenging everyone, INCLUDING supporters! Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed / funniest costumes in each category. 

Here are the themes and schedule:

  1. At the start of Lap 4 (13h00) – 21 km/half marathon: Occupations. What is your dream job? Then dress for success! 
  2. At the start of Lap 7 (16h00) – 42  km/marathon: Blast from the past! 70’s or 80’s, here we come!
  3. At the start of Lap 9 (18h00) – 60  km/ultramarathon: Movie stars. Dress up as your favourite movie character, animation character or superhero!
  4. At the start of Lap 15 (00h00) – 100 K: Ghost stories … This one should be easy.
  5. At the start of Lap 24 (Sun 10h00) – 160 km / MILER: Do what you can with what you have (maak of jy mal is en dra alles!), let’s get this party started! 

4. Event Auction!
The event auction has the most exciting ever, and bidding has already started! Head over to the auction page on website and see what is up for auction this year. It includes a 

1250m² plot in the newly developed Moringa Valley Estate in Uis valued at N$125 000.00 as well as a 2-day package by Natural Selections for the Hoanib Valley Camp for 2 people, all-inclusive, valued at N$65 000. 

5. Be Wild: Rewild!

Read more about our Rewild campaign on the website and the fabulous causes that will be supported by this years event auction. 

Very importantly: Please bring along any previously-loved family-friendly BOOKS that we can donate on behalf of the event to local school- and public libraries in Uis and surrounds.

Can’t wait to welcome you all in Uis!

Brandberg Backyard Ultra Team

Namibia Ultra Trails

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