Hello and welcome 2023 Brandberg Backyarders!

Race day is drawing nearer and the excitement is growing! While you are getting in a final few training laps, we are getting ready to welcome you all to Uis and make sure that you have a successful and unforgettable race weekend. With this, we want to go over the schedule and a few pointers that were mentioned in the race entry but may have been missed or gotten buried during all the excitement.

With only a little more than 2 weeks to go, we want to make sure you come to Uis properly armed and prepared to relax and enjoy your weekend to the fullest. Therefore, please remember the following.

Race Schedule

The event will take place on Saturday 29 July in Uis, with the start/finish area at Brandberg Rest Camp.

  • Registration and race pack pick-up Friday 16h00 to 18h00 at Brandberg Rest Camp and on Saturday from 7 am to 9 am.
  • Pre-race pasta party at Brandberg Rest Camp Friday 28 July, 19h30. (tickets are only sold in advance HERE, none will be available on race weekend)
  • Run start (all events): Saturday 29 July at 10h00.
  • Saturday breakfast (pre-booking only) from 7 am.
  • Event potjie dinner at Brandberg Rest Camp, Saturday 23 July, 19h30. (tickets are only sold in advance HERE, none will be available on race weekend)
  • Sunday breakfast (pre-booking only) from 6 am.
  • Event conclusion and prize giving at Brandberg Rest Camp after the last runner ran their last loop.
  • No meal tickets will be available for purchase on the days of the event. A la carte light lunches will, however, be available for purchase at Brandberg Rest Camp for the duration of the event but only during normal operating hours.

EVENT AUCTION: Saturday evening from 8 pm. View the list of auction items HERE and put in your early bids. You don’t have to be present at the auction to bid on an item.

Race Village Resources

  • A common aid station will be available for actively participating runners, which will serve basic snacks but won’t be sufficient to fuel a marathon or longer. Athletes are responsible for own race food to sustain them throughout their run.
  • Drinking water will be available at the aid station.
  • There will be hot water available at the aid station for coffee/tee etc.
  • There will be first aid and emergency medical response on standby.
  • The swimming pool will be available to all (yes, Uis can get hot in Winter as well).
  • There are several bathrooms in the main lodge, as well as the camping area with toilets and shower facilities.

Race Village Setup

The start/finish area of the event will be in the eastern open space of the Brandberg Rest Camp. This area will include the start/finish corral of the run, the event operations hub, and the runners’ gazebos. Please note that this is NOT the campsite. Tents for sleeping will only be set up in the campsite.

Please note:

  • The BBU crew will lay out and assign specific areas for runners’ gazebos, prioritising ultra runners closer to the starting corral, and then specifically ultra runners intending to be in it for the long haul.
  • All ultra runners are to provide and set up a station under a gazebo in this area, whether their own or sharing with a friend.
  • No tents will be allowed in the runners’ gazebo area, only open gazebo, and only in designated areas.
  • Portable braais are allowed in open, safe areas around the central race hub, but the availability of wood can’t be guaranteed so please bring along.

Runners will be responsible for:

  • Own race food sufficient to sustain them for the duration of their race. Saturday night’s dinner will be available for actively participating runners as well. Runners or their crew need to serve their own runners. Runners without a crew can buddy up with another runner’s crew.
  • Own cups for use at the aid station. No disposable cups will be available at the aid station.
  • Reflective clothing and headlamp with sufficient batteries for night loops. These are required gear for all ultra runners and will be checked before the first night loop. No runner will be allowed out on the course without these proper safety requirements during night loops.
  • Own gazebo, chairs/tables and crew for the duration of the race. A layout of the start/finish area will be available at check-in that will demarcate specific locations for gazebo-setup. Event staff will be limited and won’t be able to assist with filling bottles or serving meals to runners. It is suggested that runners without a crew should buddy up with other teams or self-support.

Important: No assistance can be provided to any runner while they are running a loop, (that
is, from the ringing of the cowbell until the runner has crossed the finish line after completing
the entire loop). This includes seconding (accompanying a runner), either on foot, by bicycle, or in any other way or form. Violation of this rule will subject a runner to disqualification and removal from the race, (as determined by the race director).

Dress-up Fun!

It was requested to introduce some costume dress-up fun at this years’ BBU! So what can we do but oblige … ?

To spice up the challenge we will celebrate each of the event’s traditional running milestones by dressing up according to a selected theme. Who are in?! Andre Ross, our 2022 BBU champion is challenging everyone, INCLUDING supporters! Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed / funniest costumes in each category. 

Here are the themes and schedule:

  1. At the start of Lap 4 (13h00) – 21 km/half marathon: Occupations. What is your dream job? Then dress for success! 
  2. At the start of Lap 7 (16h00) – 42  km/marathon: Blast from the past! 70’s or 80’s, here we come!
  3. At the start of Lap 9 (18h00) – 60  km/ultramarathon: Movie stars. Dress up as your favourite movie character, animated or superhero!
  4. At the start of Lap 15 (00h00) – 100 K: Ghost stories … This one should be easy.
  5. At the start of Lap 24 (Sun 10h00) – 160 km / MILER: Do what you can with what you have! Maak of jy mal is en dra alles! Let’s get this party started! 

By now runners should have booked their own accommodation. Rooms and camping are available at Brandberg Rest Camp. The entire lodge is reserved for the event for that weekend, please contact them directly on 064-504 038 or brandberg@africaonline.com.na. Do not try to book online at booking(dot)com, it will show zero availability. Alternatively, check for other accommodation establishments on our website or contact the race director for recommendations at NamibiaUltraTrails@gmail.com.na

We hope that you are just as excited as we are by now! Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or requests, we will do our best to help or accommodate you.

See you soon!

Namibian Ultra Trails team